GRIPE inaugurates Gamashie Community Buyback Centre

Source: Ghanaweb

The Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE), in collaboration with Coliba Recycling and the Gamashie Development Agency, has inaugurated a community buyback center for Gamashie.

The buyback center is a plastic waste recovery center where people can take their used plastics and cans in exchange for incentives such as cash or food items. The project is sponsored by GRIPE and will be managed by Coliba, with support from the chief, leaders, and the people of Gamashie.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Seth Twum -Akwaboah, CEO of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), commended GRIPE for undertaking this project.

“GRIPE has remained committed to its vision of implementing and integrating sustainable plastic waste management solutions in Ghana throughout these years. I see this initiative by the group as another milestone in the fight against littering”

Speaking on behalf of GRIPE, Margaret Mary Tohouenou noted that GRIPE has over the years supported initiatives that are geared towards ensuring the efficient management of post-consumer plastics. She further encouraged people to dispose of their plastic waste properly to enhance recycling.

“The group over this short period has carried out and supported a number of initiatives geared towards implementing recycling and second life solutions to reduce the impact of post-consumer plastic waste on the environment.

Plastic waste when properly disposed of can be recycled and given a second life.
Plastic waste can generate some income and should therefore not end up in the environment but in the economy.”

Other dignitaries who graced the occasion included Mr. Oliver Boachie, Special Adviser to the Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Nii Atofo Tse, Chief of Gamashie among other stakeholders.

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