The Ghana Recycling Initiativeby Private Enterprises (GRIPE)

The Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE) is an industry-led coalition formed under the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) with a stake in the plastics sector to integrate sustainable waste management solutions, particularly around plastics.

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Improving the Plastic Waste Value Chain


Public campaign and education in partnership with Environment360, events in Accra and digital nationwide campaign.


Containers in Accra and Tema coupled with capacity development for waste pickers in partnership with WIEGO.


Sorting center under construction in Tema. Shredding and processing plant in Tema.


Plastic modified concrete pilot in partnership with EAP Consult, CSIR-BRRI and Ghana Standards Authority.

Meet Auntie Litta

Auntie Litta is the embodiment of the Ghanaian citizen who understands and cares about the environment. She is also very concerned about the state of waste and its management in the country.

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GRIPE - Auntie Litta

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