The Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE) is an industry-led coalition formed under the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) with a stake in the plastics sector to integrate sustainable waste management solutions, particularly around plastics. GRIPE was founded in November 2017 by 8 multinational companies with varied products with a proven track record of involvement in sustainability actions concerning plastics in other countries. The founding members are Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana; Dow Chemical West Africa Limited; Fan Milk Ghana Limited; Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited; Nestlé Ghana Limited; PZ Cussons Ghana Limited; Unilever Ghana and Voltic (GH) Limited.

Expanded Purposes of the Group

    • Advocate for improved waste management practices
    • Connect various organizations working to create an improved waste management system
    • Contribute to increased collection and recycling rates countrywide
    • Provide employment opportunities through scalable recycling solutions

What Has Been Done So Far

The efforts in creating and launching GRIPE started as early as February 2017, with the formation of a working group composed by members of the AGI. Since then the 8 multinational companies mentioned before embarked in a long journey which included a lot of research, benchmarking and validation of the actions proposed. Some of the key moments are indicated below

Action plan presented at Plastic Waste Conference

Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises

MOU signed by 8 founding members

School Education Program

Modified concrete pilot kick-off

Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises