GRIPE has over the years been organizing Community Plastic Buybacks events in Accra and Kumasi. The community Buy-Back is program designed to reach low income and coastal communities. The program is based on the understanding that people can exchange plastics with cash by separating and selling their post-consumer plastic waste.

From time to time  GRIPE together with  Coliba and or SESA and Premier Waste partner with local groups for the purchase of plastic waste from inhabitants of a different communities .Volunteers get together to visit houses and local shops to create awareness on proper disposal and segregation of waste. People are encouraged to take their plastic waste to a Buy-Back center temporarily set up where it is weighed and transformed into

rewards and/or money. Through this program we generate extra-income for local communities while revealing the value of waste and removing plastics from our environment. The Buy-Back has since its inception collected over 10 tons of plastic.


 Plastic is something we can make good use of . It should not end up in the environment; it should end up in the economy . We at GRIPE believe that we can reach each community one day at a time and make a difference with this buy – back.